X West Carriers Inc. is a licensed, Canadian Bonded, fully insured "Full Service" Transportation Provider. Founded in 2001, the CEO of X West Carriers Inc. has over 40 years experience in the trucking industry, and has built solid relationships with customers and industry partners.

  We participate in all Customs & Border Protection Programs (Policies & Procedures) at all border crossings. X West Carriers Inc. and X West Logistics Inc. have a very close working relationship; allowing the two Companies to make a Whole (Company) in the Carrier Industry, catering to shipments in Canada, U.S.A. and Mexico.  X West Carriers Inc. focuses on the three states in close proximity to Southern Ontario (Michigan, Indiana and Ohio) where as X West Logistics Inc. covers the rest of North America through Freight Forwarding.

   We understand the importance of marketplace advancement and diversification, and will continue to invest in technology, safety and Homeland Security to meet our clients’ needs. While it is important to look to the future, it is imperative however, to ensure that all current operations are flawless.

   Our solid reputation, dedication to customer service and commitment to safety has garnered X West Carriers a long-standing and ever-growing customer base.  In response to our growing customer base and in order to maintain quality shipping standards, X West Carriers recently launched X West Logistics Inc. – a division of X West Carriers.

   X West Logistics Inc. is a "Full Service" Freight Forwarder committed to exceeding customers’ expectations. Our team of skilled transportation professionals has a combined 50 years experience and knowledge of the transportation industry in order to properly serve our large customer base.

To provide the best service possible, X West Logistics Inc. will arrange for our carrier partners with the right equipment, necessary authorities and insurance to handle your product in a timely, professional manner.  All shipments will be handled with the utmost regard for employee, customer and product safety through customer, driver and dispatcher communications.

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