Letter from The President

X West Logistics Inc.                                                          Tel: (519) 696-3705 ~ Toll-free: (866) 752-3156 ~ Fax: (519) 696-3500

  November 1st, 2015

  Dear Valued Business Partner,

     Important news! Effective immediately, we are proud to announce that Boyder Systems Inc. has now changed its name to X West Logistics Inc.

     Please be advised that there has been no internal management change, address change, or any structural changes; this remains a name change only.

    You will get all the great service you are accustomed to under the new name of X West Logistics Inc.

    This may not come as a surprise to most of you, as we have two companies at the same facility and have been run by the same team since 2001. X West Carriers Inc., is our trucking division. X West Carriers Inc. is an asset based corporation and runs from the GTA and surrounding areas, to Michigan, Ohio and Indiana exclusively.

    Our brokerage / 3PL division was created in 2007 to further expand our services to our customer base providing the best service possible with competitive industry rates. The name change was an obvious transition when it came to moving forward and being able to service, connect the companies further and get all that we have to offer as a corporation out there for our customers to see, as well as utilize.

    During this change, we have welcomed show freight and trade show specialist Mike Hirlehey to our team and look forward to providing our existing, as well as new customers, with this new service branch.

    Please be advised that invoices to your company for freight shipments will be invoiced on X West Logistics Inc. letterhead and made payable to X West Logistics Inc.

Your continued support and cooperation is much appreciated,


Barton Brown President                      X West Logistics Inc.    X West Carriers Inc.